At Probalance UK Ltd we offer a range of services including the following.

Commissioning Management
Probalance UK Ltd provides an effective addition to your own Project Team by influencing the activities of everyone involved in order to make the building operate successfully.

• Check drawings for commissionability
• Prepare co-ordinated commissioning programmes and logic networks
• Monitor the installations during construction
• Organising/chairing meetings in respect to commissioning
• Pre-commissioning and commissioning witnessing
• Co-ordination of performance testing
• Collation of all commissioning and test results
• Co-ordination and facilitating client tuition

HVAC Commissioning
Our Commissioning and Testing Services meets the needs of the Building Services and Pharmaceutical Industry.

• Pre-commissioning
• Setting to work
• Balancing and regulation
• Environmental checks and tests
• Pressure regimes and airflow direction checks
• Sound level readings
• Clean room testing
• LEV testing
• Temperature mapping
• Preparation of detailed reports
• Demonstration to the Accepting Authority

Water Treatment
Water quality and microbiological control are essential factors in the safe operation of engineered water systems. Probalance provide methods of monitoring, cleaning, disinfection and refurbishment of domestic and process water systems. All systems and practices are designed to meet specific site requirements for industrial, commercial, leisure and healthcare premises. All working methods and control systems comply with the latest Codes of Practice and specifications.

Typically the systems to be considered are:
• Precommission cleaning of cold water systems in accordance with the current British Standards and BSRIA Guides
• Chlorination/disinfection in accordance with the current British Standards
• L8 Compliance / Legionella Control Risk Assessments
• Cold water storage tanks
• Domestic water tanks/systems
• Calorifiers and water heaters
• Tank cleaning/replacement/refurbishment

Other Works
• LEV Testing
• Mechanical/Electrical Maintenance Manuals
• Ductwork Pressure Testing
• Environmental Testing